He also served as vice chairman and then four-term chairman of the Company of Military Historians at West Point. In 1997, he was a founding member of the Putnam County Cemetery Committee. The committee helps protect and preserve historic cemeteries in Putnam County.In 2001, he founded The Living History Guild to help keep history alive in a fun and exciting way.

Larry loves history. He is the Patterson Town Historian, a re-enactor, member of the Company of Military Historians and Pastor of Patterson Baptist Church, the oldest Baptist church in New York State. He served as a historical advisor for the History Channel, the Travel Channel and the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation. The Governor of Kentucky made him a Colonel, in honor of his work to preserve and promote history, both locally and nationally.

Larry Maxwell involved with Revolutionary War reenacting and historical accuracy consulting.

Larry was a founder and president of Habitat for Humanity of Putnam County, New York.
Dr. Larry A. Maxwell has many years of experience and expertise in helping individuals and organizations reduce expenses and save money. He is a husband, father, homeowner, pastor, historian, re-enactor, tailor, musician, document examiner, autograph authenticator, consultant, conference speaker and author of numerous books. He has a wide range of work experience, which started when he was 16 years old when he went to work at Jones Beach where he became one of their youngest managers as well as the assistant manager of the Jones Beach Theatre where Guy Lombardo conducted the orchestra. He worked his way through Community College and Graduate School and held various jobs to support his family. He worked in the accounts payable department for Caldor’s, a billion dollar retailer, where he negotiated more than $2 million of savings for the company each year. When he worked for A-Copy America, which at the time was one of the largest copy machine companies in America, he became the company’s top salesperson. His writing career started when he became the literary editor for his award winning high school yearbook. He later became a journalist and photographer for the Times of Ti, the Glens Falls Post Star and the United Press International.  The Associated Press honored his journalism from among all reporters in the United States with its First Place Writing Award. 

Larry has traveled across America, Canada, Europe and Asia as a conference speaker. Gaining Personal Financial Freedom is one of his popular conferences. As an outgrowth of his popular Gaining Personal Financial Freedom Seminar, he authored the following books: 112 Proven Ways to Reduce Expenses, Gaining Personal Financial Freedom, Gaining Personal Financial Freedom Budget Workbook, and the Gaining Personal Financial Freedom Manual. 

For more than 30 years Larry has spoken for christian camps and conferences in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including speaking for: Word of Life in Schroon Lake, N.Y. , Awana Camps and Conferences, Odosagih Bible Conference, and more . He has extensive experience working with volunteers and staff in not for profit work and has helped serve as an advisor to churches and conferences on fiscal, staff and administrative matters

He conducts numerous living history events. He hand sews uniforms from various periods, using historically accurate materials and techniques. Re-enactors and actors in movies and television shows wear his uniforms. He is also President of the Hudson Valley Trust, Inc. The purpose of the Trust is to protect and promote the architectural, agricultural, cultural and historic resources of the Hudson Valley.